Contributing to pydeck

We encourage users to report bugs, fix them, and add features as desired. We support our contributors in the #pydeck channel in the Slack workspace. If you run into issues while using this guide, let us know.

For governance policy and code of conduct, please see the contribution guidelines.

Where to contribute

At its core, pydeck is three modules:

  •, a Javascript library that helps bind to a Jupyter environment
  •, a Javascript library that converts JSON configurations to visualizations
  • pydeck, the Python wrapper around

To contribute to either of the first two, you can follow the contribution guidelines.

Development installation of pydeck

Please develop using Python 3.5 or above. You will also need yarn, which will build for use with your development installion of pydeck.

The following commands set up a virtual environment, build the entirety of, install most development and testing dependencies, and then activate enable pydeck to run on JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook locally:

git clone
make setup-env
. env/bin/activate
make init
make prepare-jupyter

At this point, verify that this new local copy of pydeck works by running make test.

Submitting a PR will run a suite of local tests both on commit and on push. On push, will run browser tests, which will take a bit longer than the commit hook tests. Ideally, these tests will pass locally before you push your branch to GitHub. Once pushed, tests will also run on Travis CI. Generally the team will review your PR within 2-3 days.

Before submitting a PR, you should run make test to verify that your Python tests pass locally. It may be helpful to run pip install -e . to rebuild pydeck locally. If you need to rebuild or, you can run yarn bootstrap or the webpack commands within their individual directories.

Building the documentation

To build the documentation locally, run the following:

make clean && make html

You can find the homepage at pydeck/docs/_build/index.html. Running python3 -m http.server from pydeck/docs/_build will serve the documentation locally.