class ViewState(longitude=None, latitude=None, zoom=None, min_zoom=None, max_zoom=None, pitch=None, bearing=None, **kwargs)

An object that represents where the state of a viewport, essentially where the screen is focused.

If you have two dimensional data and you don’t want to set this manually, see pydeck.data_utils.viewport_helpers.compute_view().

  • longitude (float, default None) – x-coordinate of focus
  • latitude (float, default None) – y-coordinate of focus
  • zoom (float, default None) – Magnification level of the map, usually between 0 (representing the whole world) and 24 (close to individual buildings)
  • min_zoom (float, default None) – Least mangified zoom level the user can navigate to
  • max_zoom (float, default None) – Most magnified zoom level the user can navigate to
  • pitch (float, default None) – Up/down angle relative to the map’s plane, with 0 being looking directly at the map
  • bearing (float, default None) – Left/right angle relative to the map’s true north, with 0 being aligned to true north